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Technology Audit Services


Technology related equipment and the programs owned by the organization is one of the major assets for the smooth workflow of the business. Maintaining the equipment and keeping an eye on what to perform, to reduce the cost pay off for the company, can be done under the technology audit services. We are specialists and expertized in performing those services and we support our business to decide which equipment is obsolete, which will help the organization to reduce the cost to zero.

Our team is skilled with decades of experience in maintaining the list of all the technology-related equipment’s which will help the organizations to keep their profit flow with ease. We are experts in providing the services in all kinds of IT audits including Systems and Applications audit, Telecommunications audit, Intranet and Extranet audit, Client and server audits, Technological position audit, Innovative comparison audit, innovation process audit, Enterprise architect audit and so on.

With our technology audit services, your business can be easily determining the following factors which include –
  • If the governance risk is minimized or not.
  • If regulatory compliance is maintained or not.
  • If any unauthorized tool is being used or not.
  • Mitigating the third party risks.
  • Prevention of information leakage.
We always try to propose and follow certain principles towards our business which will be going to help our client’s business in a very effective way which includes –
  • We always try to make sure the timeliness of the equipment usability for our clients business.
  • Always maintaining a certain minimum standard, to make the audit processes more elaborated.
  • Confirming transparency is there while designing the software.
  • Checking is the audits have been paid successfully or not.
  • Literature inclusion judgments for the assets management of business organizations.

We also provide security and network health checkups for our client’s business organizations. We assured that all your organization’s external systems are protected from any kind of unauthorized accesses and no unwanted entry point should be there. We have a specialized team which performs and take care of all kind of external testing’s which includes checking of email servers, web servers and other systems such as firewalls, etc.

Internal health checkups of the systems which include vulnerability scanning and manual analysis of all kinds of internal networking systems were included. Our team always chooses the right input parameters after judging your business organization. Many steps will be taken from our end which includes remediations such as network segregations, increased monitoring and so on.

All the parameters are included in our output and which are easily accessible as well as readable to our customers, without any further hardening of the system. We always operate on a global scale.