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We are a leading Information Technology Consulting firm, who provides business IT support services and solutions for business of each size.


Gigabit Technologies Pvt Ltd.

With our highly effective strategies, it has become very easy for our client’s business organizations to implement innovative solutions for their customers. We help our clients and their organizations, to understand implementing technologies while increasing the revenues for their models.

Your business will easily be able to design the solutions to optimize the costs, to grow your business. We always believe in delivering customers value throughout the end stage of your client’s product implementations & multi-product IT transformations.

The major solutions we offer to our clients

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions are vast, for all cloud infrastructures including private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Our advanced cybersecurity solutions are well developed for providing security to our clients business from unwanted attacks and authorizations.

Data Centre Solutions

With our latest data center solutions, our clients can easily keep their business data at a single place and can effectively utilize them as and when required.

Infrastructure Solutions

All kinds of infrastructure solutions are being offered by our firm to our clients so that the management of the assets will become easier.

IoT & AI Solutions

Our well-versed team of IoT and AI offers various solutions that are far more intelligence than the human of todays arena and help our clients business to run effectively.

Networking Solutions

Perfect connections and suitable networking are very much needed for the smooth workflow of business and we provide it to our clients.

We always provide 24/7 support and services to our customer’s business and help them to run their workflow smoothly and effectively.

The services we offer include:

  • DESIGN and DEPLOYMENT SERVICES: For any business organization, it is very crucial to have their own designed and developed software, which are intended to accomplish their business goals and achieve their targets.
  • INFORMATION SECURITY SERVICES: Mitigation of information risks is very much important for any business organization. We have a team of experts who prevents unauthorized access, disruption and corruption of information, thus reducing the adverse impact of incidents for any business organization.
  • IT CONSULTING SERVICES: IT Consulting is one of the very much important services, almost all the business and organizations avail in today’s world. It is a field of services that advise organizations on how they can use Information Technology, all in their business to achieve their business goals.
  • MANAGED IT SERVICES: Managed IT Services is very crucial for a business organization to run smoothly. It enhanced security and compliance. This service is very much important for easy transmit of data flow.
  • TECHNOLOGY AUDIT SERVICES: Technology related equipment and the programs owned by the organization is one of the major assets for the smooth workflow of the business.

We always keep our solutions and services to you as a priority. We are a purely business to business organization, whose main aim is the success of your business. We are known for our solutions and services in automating time consuming manual processes and to reduce the costly errors.